Friday, December 28, 2007

Why Does Bush hate the troops?

President Bush is set to veto a Defense spending bill. The bill includes a pay raise for soldiers and money for veteran health care.

One question. Why does President Bush and the other republiCON lawmakers who voted against the bill hate the troops so much?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the Constitution?

A damaging fire broke out yesterday in one of Vice President Dick Cheney's offices. Some speculate the fire started when the VP's paper shredder shorted out. Heaven knows what's being shredded in those offices.

Hey, has anyone checked on the whereabouts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights lately?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do Conservative Bibles include Matthew 6:5 and Luke 6:42?

Campaigning in Iowa for the republiCON presidential nomination, Mike Huckabee publicly touts his faith and describes himself as a Christian leader.

Meanwhile, in response to an attack by Huckabee on his Mormon faith, Slick Mitt Romney stated "I think attacking someone's religion is really going too far. It's not the American way." What Slick didn't say is unless one is a secularist, which Romney believes are followers of a new religion, then commendation is justified.

Strange. Its as if Huckabee and Romney haven't read Jesus' statements on public expressions of faith and removing the plank from ones own eye before questioning the beliefs of another.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Conservatives: Shifting Values or No Short Term Memory

It's quickly becoming apparent, either CONServatives don't believe in anything save their drive to retain political power or they have no short term memory.

Take CNN's conservative blow hard Glen Beck for example. He recently interviewed Slick Mitt Romney, questioning the former governor on what should be done about states and municipalities who don't share the CONServative world view on illegal immigration.

Romney's response is typical knee jerk republiCON, punish those states and communities which don't kowtow to the CONServative position by consolidating power within the federal government. Note Glennie Boy didn't challenge Romeny's lust for more federal control of local matters, rather he immediately moved onto a question about his fear over the loss of American sovereignty.

Glen's apparent agreement on the positives of more federal power is shocking given his take on the matter during his Mike Huckabee interview. (Fast forward to the 7:47 position.)

Notice Glen is now apparently incensed with the growth of federal power, mentioning the rise of several state session movements and asks Huckabee "how we correct" the problem of federal power consolidation.

So Glen (and other CONS) which is it? Is CON lust to retain power so great, that its leaders and spokesmen flip flop on supposed core values? Or have they simply lost their short term memory, clearly forgetting previous conflicting positions on important matters like the benefits of federal power? Either way, CON leadership doesn't bode well for America's long term prospects.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Karl Rove's Extra Spin Cycle

Karl Rove is either losing his mind or thinks the American public is a bunch of chumps. Get this. Mr. spinmister recently made the assertion it was Congress that drove the country to war in 2002. Wow!

Forgetting for a moment it was administration officials such as Condi Rice and Dick Cheney who beat the war drums throughout 2001 and 2002, Rove actually blames former Senator Tom Daschle for the nation's rush to war. Rove seems oblivious to the fact the republiCONS controlled Congress when the Iraq war resolution passed. And as such it was the republiCONS, not Senator Daschle who had the power to slow down the race to war.

But a simple fact won't deter Karl. Rather, it probably won't be long before the spinmister claims Democrats were actually in charge of Congress at the start of the war. But why stop at merely blaming the Democrats for the war? Karl's real aim seems to be Bush's complete exoneration of any responsibility for the Iraq quagmire. So look for Karl soon after Georgie leaves office in 2009, to place total blame for the war on the left by not only claiming the Democrats were in charge of Congress when the first bombs fell on Baghdad, but more importantly Bush wasn't even President at the time.