Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Scott Believes

Scott McClellan, former White House spokesman, is expected to release a tell all book next week. However, exerts have been leaked to the public and among the bombshell revelations, Scotty claims the White House was run in constant campaign mode, in denial regarding Hurricane Katrina and "surprise" trumped up the case for war in Iraq.

Former White House counsel Dan Bartlett states that McClellan betrayed the president's trust and asks "What did he really believe when he was serving as press secretary?"

Hmmm. . . Let's think about this.

Perhaps while press secretary Scotty believed America shouldn't go to war based on lies.

Or perhaps Scotty believed the Bush administration should worry more about disaster victims rather than its image.

Or maybe, just maybe Scotty finally realized as an American citizen ones true loyalty lies with the Constitution and the American public rather than an incompetent, wannabe emperor.


Not to let Scotty off the hook entirely, although its nice that he is finally listening to his conscience and telling the truth, his smack down of the failings of "liberal press" isn't entirely justified. While its true the mainstream media was complacent at best, a cheerleader at worst in the run up to the war, for Scotty to claim that a press corps that asked the right questions might have prevented the disaster is ridiculous.

First, its almost as if Scotty is stating that the administration would only tell the American public about issues related to media questions. Call it quaint but the federal government works for the public. If Scotty had information relevant to the sound workings of the government, he should have volunteered this information without question.

Next, many reporters did try to push McClellan on difficult subjects. Many, like Helen Thomas were smacked down. In fact, the White House went so far as to bring in fake reporters to lob Scotty soft ball questions, when press conferences got to heated.

Remember this guy?