Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chillin with Alberto

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says any investigation into whether CIA interrogations after 9-11 crossed legal lines could have a chilling effect on U.S. anti-terrorism efforts.

Maybe. But one thing is for certain, it will put a chill any ongoing criminal anti-terrorism efforts.

Yet either way, one gets the impression Alberto is less concerned about a potential criminal investigation and its chilling effect on future anti-terrorism actions, and more worried about the real possibility it may lead to his own incarceration in the cooler.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Run don't walk

Rumors about Sarah Palin's pending divorce were circulating this weekend. A spokesperson for the ex-governor denied the Palin's marriage was on the rocks, assuring the public it's not like Sarah "to walk out on a commitment."

Putting aside that it may be Todd seeking to end the relationship, other than leaving several colleges, the Wasilla Mayor's office, the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and the Governorship, we agree its not like Sarah to walk out. Rather, her record seems more like running.