Friday, January 12, 2007

Lincoln Rolling in his Grave

Recently, conservative mouthpieces such as Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News have begun comparing George Bush to Abraham Lincoln. What a joke! The differences between our first Republican President and the current one are like night and day.

First, Mr. Lincoln’s war, unlike Bush’s incursion into Iraq, was forced upon him. Next, Mr. Lincoln’s policies were designed to hold the union together during a time of national crisis. By comparison Mr. Bush’s plans during an equally trying time appear to be tearing the nation apart. Third, Mr. Lincoln served and fought in our nation’s military. During Vietnam, Mr. Bush got a cozy deployment in the states. Finally, Mr. Lincoln was often referred to as “Honest” Abe. It is unlikely many would hang that nickname upon Mr. Bush and his administration.

Other than being Republicans, there is little these two Presidents share in common and it is doubtful Mr. Lincoln would appreciate the comparison.

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