Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Republican Cluster F*#@!

The republican race for president is becoming quite a mess. Combining last week's Gallop/USA Today Presidential poll with yesterday's first quarter campaign fundraising numbers, we see a republican field with major problems.

Let's start with Giuliani who had a tough week. First as conservatives learn more about Rudolph's background, his judgement, and political stances his poll numbers drop like a stone. The Gallop poll saw his number fall more than 13 points in just two weeks. Ouch! At that rate, he'll be out of the race in little more than a month. This sagging support meant mediocre contributions. Putting him far behind Willard "Slick" Romney. All this has "the Mayor" somewhat unhinged and defensive.

John McCain is in even tougher straits. His poll numbers plateaued at roughly 20 percent and he came in a disappointing third in the money race. Like Giuliani, McCain is starting to reek of desperation. He is looking for any spark to jump start his campaign, even one that put hundreds of US soldiers in harms way.

Then there's Romney. Old Willard had to choke on his lunch when Gallop revealed he's convinced just three 3 percent of the country he should be the next President. Three percent! That's within the poll's margin of error, which could mean Willard is actually appealing to no one. On the flip side, he sucked in over the past three months a mighty $23 million for his campaign. That has got to be the richest 3 percent in the country. Romney is obviously going after the Bush base.

Meanwhile, Newt's star is fading and Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee can't even get off the launching pad. Finally, Fred Thompson's poll numbers went from zero to 12 points in the last 14 days. Impressive for someone who isn't even running. Just shows how desperate the republican base is becoming given the current slate of official candidates. Unfortunately, for thespian Thompson, he's now down $23 million to Romney.

What fun!

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Dr. Chim Richalds said...

They've made their bed of fealty to Bush and now they're going to have to sleep in it. I've no doubt, however, that the corporate media will keep spinning away and make the 2008 race between the eventual D and R nominees closer than it is now.