Friday, June 8, 2007

Fox News and Accuracy: Not So Much

Accurately reporting the facts seems a low priority at Fox News. Case in point, Fox has repeatedly identified republicans and democrats incorrectly. Most notably Fox identified Mark Foley as a Democrat. Mr. Foley, we all remember, is the republican lawmaker from Florida drummed out of office for inappropriate behavior with congressional pages. Later, Fox switched party affiliations for the two candidates in the 2006 Rhode Island Senate race, leaving the impression the republican was leading.

However, it appears quality control isn't high on Fox's to do list either. Just this last week, Fox ran a story about the criminal indictment of Representative William Jefferson (D-LA). Problem is the video accompanying the segment showed Representative John Conyers (D-MI), rather than Jefferson. Oops! Conyers was none to happy and demanded Fox apologize.

Fox News blamed the error on a young assistant picking up the wrong tape. So . . . it's not common practice for Fox employees to read video labels before its placed on air? Yikes!

Funny how Fox's quality control errors always seem to come at the expense of Democrats. Perhaps Democrats are justified in shunning Fox's offer to host a Presidential debate. God knows what images they would run during the broadcast.

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