Thursday, August 14, 2008

GOP Convention: The Big "No" Show

Recently Stuart Shepard, host of Focus on the Family's Spotlight and CONservative dolt, urged his viewers to "pray for rain" during Barak Obama's acceptance at this month's Democratic Convention. The speech will be given at Denver's Invesco field and is expected to draw more than 75,000 people. Stuart and other CONS are deeply worried about the message undecided voters will receive when Obama accepts his nomination before tens of thousands of enthusiastic Democrats.

You can't really blame Stuart though. You see, the Democratic Convention will likely have to turn away hundreds of people its last night rain or shine. Meanwhile, the republiCON convention, even though weather will play no factor, is having trouble gaining the attendance of even its prominent party leaders.

No wonder CONS are praying for a rain out, their team isn't likely to show.

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