Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's Walk and Chew Gum Momemt

So, John McCain is suspending his presidential campaign because he wants to devote his full attention to the financial crisis. How convenient. Although, one has to wonder whether it isn't the Dow's falling numbers, but rather something else driving his latest desperate move.

To his credit, Obama is keeping the pressure on McCain, signaling his desire to move forward with Friday's scheduled presidential debate. It should go forward. Obama and McCain have dramatically different ideas about where the country needs go on countless issues including the economy. With the American public's attention tightly focused on the health of their economy, now is the perfect time for the two candidates to lay out their vision and plan for a return to economic prosperity.

Now more than ever, the country needs a President who can focus on more than one issue at a time. Our next President won't get any timeouts in the Oval office. By suspending his campaign, McCain is clearly showing he isn't up to the job's challenges.

Stick of gum John?

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