Tuesday, November 4, 2008

republiCON's Biggest Losers

The 2008 elections were a huge loss for John McCain, at a minimum a 180 point electoral college defeat. A drubbing by any one's standard. Yet, John McCain wasn't the night's biggest loser. We've basically known since September he was going to get crushed in his bid for the White House.

Rather, it was the others like the RNC, Joe Liberman, the Alaska GOP who really took it in the shorts tonight.

The republiCON national committee (RNC) saw their ranks on capitol hill drop by what will likely be dozens in the House and 5 or more in the Senate. Combined with the Obama win, Democrats will control the White House and Legislature for the first time in decades. Furthermore with several Supreme Court retirements expected, the High Court will lean to the left for years to come.

Joe Liberman took it on the chin as well. Joe, who once was poised to be the Democratic Vice President, now faces final excommunication from the party, loss of his committee chairmanship, and soon to be banishment to the basement of the Senate office buildings. How long before his retirement?

Next biggest loser are Alaska republiCONS. These poor northern CONS may wake up tomorrow morning with 2 out 3 of their congressional offices now held by Democrats. Yikes! What's more, Sarah Palin's botched run for Vice President may have severely damaged her ability to govern the state, so much so it may be only a matter of time before she steps down for greener pastures.

We can't forget FOX news. They have stumped hard for the McCain/Palin ticket. Their constant drumbeat of the McCain/Palin fear message was soundly rejected by the American public. And while it unlikely, its interesting to see FOX pundits worry about Obama and his return of the fairness doctrine. Although, if the network is truly "fair and balanced" its return shouldn't bother them in the least.

Yet, the biggest CON loser tonight has got to be George Bush. There could be no bigger repudiation of his eight years in the White House than the Democratic tidal wave that swept over the country today. The United States will likely heal faster from the damage the Bush administration has inflicted upon it, than the damage the out going President inflicted upon his own party.

That fact alone probably makes the American public tonight's biggest winner!

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