Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congressional Sex Scandal? Look for the Christian CON

Well, another RepubliCON is resigning from Congress. Mark Souder the holier than thou CON from Indiana has admitted to a "mutual" relationship with a part time staffer. Mark, like other CONS, blames others rather than his own choices for his troubles.

The scene is all too familiar.

Conservative Christian CON makes career of promoting moral values and questioning the morals of others ~ Check
Christian CON has affair with staffer ~ Check
Christian CON admits to affair after it was becoming public ~ Check
Christian CON blames others for troubles ~ Check
Christian CON asks for privacy ~ Check
Christian CON commits to repairing damage to family and friends ~ Check
Christian CON swears abstinence message still valid despite repeated failures of the messengers ~ Check
Christian CON holds press conference and takes no questions ~ Check

Good bye Mark. You won't be missed.

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