Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Democrats, Beware Luntz's Praise

Frank Luntz makes his living manipulating words and phrases for maximum political impact. Urging candidates to use terms such as "death tax" to describe what is more accurately an "inheritance tax" is an example of his type of work. The beneficiaries of Frankie's efforts are often conservative, right wing candidates and causes.

So it was a surprise to see Frankie on CSPAN late last month saying nice things about Democratic Senator Barak Obama. It seems, Luntz likes Obama because he's running for President while providing a "positive vision" for America.

At first blush this appears to be rare Luntz praise for a liberal candidate. But when one remembers Frankie's work is to spin words for political affect, the comments are seen as a none to subtle slap at the remaining Democratic field, as well as all liberal voters.

How so?

Luntz's statement clearly implies the other Democratic Presidential contenders lack a positive vision for the country. In fact, during the CSPAN debate Luntz contrasted Obama's campaign with candidates like Hillary Clinton who in his opinion are running mainly on "anger." Frankie’s hidden message is clear, every Democrat save Obama is an angry, dangerous person who must not be President.

However, besides insulting the Democratic field, Luntz's faint praise for Obama also contains the potential to smear all liberal voters. Luntz clearly knows Obama may not win the Democratic nomination. If this happens, he'll likely spin the result as progressive voters' rejection of a positive future for one based on hatred and anger. In the process, he will have tared the Democratic nominee as someone picked for his/her anger toward conservatives, Bush, republicans, the troops, America, etc. Again the message is clear, the Democratic nominee is someone who should not be President.

Well two can play Luntz's game.

Ron Paul is by far the best republican candidate. From the last two republican debates, its obvious Ron is the conservative providing a sane vision for the country.

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