Thursday, May 17, 2007

Iraq Exploding with Success

During the revolutionary war, America defined victory as independence from British tyranny. The civil war it was preservation of the union and destruction of the institution of slavery. Crushing fascist dreams of world domination was the goal in World War II.

Today, American war success isn't defined by grand goals such as independence, preserving the union, or crushing Nazi plans. Rather, President Bush says it's "not no violence" in Iraq. What? Not no violence is what America has spent precious lives, billions of dollars and our national prestige fighting for in Iraq these past four years.

If "not no violence" is now the measure of success, it appears we've arrived at our Iraqi equivalent of Yorktown, Appomattox, Berlin or Tokyo in just the past couple of days. Evidence of our victory can be found here, here, here, here, also here, and this one too, oh yeah and here.

Odd, victory doesn't seem so sweet.