Thursday, July 12, 2007

National Security Guess Work

Just the other day Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff warned the world that Al Qaeda is on the rise again and could attack the U.S. anytime. He based his prediction of an Al Qaeda summer of mayhem and terror not on crack spies, mysterious intercepts, or our "guests" at Gitmot but rather on his gut.
Yet today, Chertoff is down playing the Al Qaeda threat. I guess Michael's gut feeling was actually food poisoning?

Fast forward to this afternoon, a Bush Administration report states Al Qaeda is back and at its greatest strength since 9/11. Ever get the feeling these guys make it up as they go?

Here's a little advice for the Bush security team, get your room full of palm readers, fortune tellers, astrologists, oracles, and dowsers to reach consensus before announcing anymore terror alerts. Funny the Bush soothsayers didn't see the cluster f@#! their back and forth prognosticating would create.

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