Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey RepubliCONS! Can you Hear 'Em Now!

If the republiCON race for the presidential nomination could be described as a sound it would be a cacophony. A noisy shriek made by candidates who struggle to remain relevant, raise money, or fend off bad press.

Take Mitt Romney. His bleat is starting to run out of wind. In the first quarter money race, Romney came in with a staggering $25 million. However, in the preceding quarter his haul dropped to $21 million. Still seemingly impressive, however hidden in these numbers is a nearly $7 million loan Romney gave to his own campaign. Subtracting this self-love, Romney actually came in second to Guiliani and well behind the leading Democrats. Speaking of self-love, Romney appears to be caught up in a porn scandal that threatens to tar his family values image. It appears slick's opposition to porn doesn’t include smut that makes money for the corporations he used to serve.

The recent noise coming out of the Guiliani campaign wasn't good either. Most notably Rudy's ability to select quality people to run government or work for his campaign was once again called into question. First, it was his pick for Homeland Security Secretary who was hounded by allegations of infidelity, sexual harassment and mob ties. Next, Guiliani's South Carolina chair was busted for distributing cocaine. Now his southern regional chair admits to soliciting prostitutes. Makes one wonder who Rudolph would put in Departments like Health and Human Services.

Meanwhile, McCain's campaign sounds a lot like the battle to sink the Bismarck and appears to have suffered as many hits and headed for the same fate. His campaign is nearly broke, losing staff and like Guilliani, has an accused john chairing one of his states. Sorry Senator, but its time to abandon ship!

As for the bottom tier candidates, their whimpers are fading. Jim Gilmore just threw in the towel. The governor must have seen the writing on the wall, heck a google search shows him sharing headlines with a recently cancelled TV show.

It's just a matter of time until other republiCONS also hear the bell toll. Although, some candidates seem to have been made deaf to and by the incessant ringing of their dying campaigns. What Fun!

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