Monday, September 3, 2007

Not So Sorry Charlie

It was another tough week for the republiCONS, further dimming their fleeting hopes of holding the White House and taking back Congress in 2008. First, Larry Craig is outed as having plead guilty to playing footsie with an undercover cop in the Minneapolis airport. A week later he's forced from the Senate. Immediately preceding the news of Craig's bathroom romp, Alberto Gonzales is forced to step down. In fact, we just learned Alberto's wife convinced him to resign. If true, Mrs. Gonzales did the nation a great service. Follow these two stories with Senator John Warner's announcement of his "retirement," the continued investigation of Ted Stevens for corruption and the GOP's 2008 prospects got very bleak.

Other CONS such as Arlen Specter are recognizing the hopelessness of their situation and are forced to defend the likes of Senator Craig. So much for the law and order party.

However, CONS probably believe its Rubicon position is due to bad luck, rather than their arrogance and lust for power. Craig himself seems to have thought he'd get away with his illegal behavior and intimidate a police office by flashing his Senate business card and stating "What do you think of that?" Thankfully, the young officer appears more committed to the law than does the 3 term Idaho Senator.

In his resignation speech, Craig apologized for what he had caused. Thinking Americans noted the Senator's classic CON speak in that he took no personal responsibility for his crime. Rather, he's only sorry for the fire storm his guilty plea kicked up.

Over the past seven years "sorry for what we caused" has become the patronizing GOP mantra. The CONS aren't sorry for damage their policies have wrought. Instead they're sorry their incompetent governing hasn't worked out as predicted. If there is a silver lining to this mess, it doesn't look like the CONS have learned anything from the events of the last week. In fact the CONS are likely to carry the "not so sorry sorry" into the presidential election. If they do, their candidate may be apologizing to the party faithful for the debacle he causes in next November's election.

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