Friday, September 21, 2007

Ted's Bill Coming Due

Alaska republiCON Senator Ted Stevens just gets in deeper and deeper. Federal officials are investigating possible corruption of the Senator by oil executives. Specifically, investigators are looking into who paid for renovations of Senator Stevens house. Bill Allen, former chief executive for VECO an oil services company, already admitted he spent more than $400,000 to bribe Alaska state legislators. Raa rhoa!

However, it gets worse. Mr. Allen also paid for work on Senator Stevens' house in the ski resort town of Girdwood. Bill said VECO paid at least two contractors, a plumber and a carpenter, for work on the house.

Senator Stevens emphatically maintains he's paid every bill submitted to him with his own money. Sounds good right? Yet, just like Senator Larry Craig's I'm sorry for what I caused apology, Ted's statement is classic CON misdirection. For the question isn't whether the good Senator paid every bill given to him, but rather was he given every bill. If not, Ted has a lot of explaining to do.

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