Monday, October 8, 2007

Fishwifey: Badge of Honor?

RepubliCON hack Cheri Jacobus described Senator Hillary Clinton's response to a question about her recent vote on Iran as "fishwifey," "shrill," and "thin skinned." The implication is obvious: Senator Clinton is defensive, desperate and irrational. In other words, unfit to lead.

Fine. By this standard most of the republiCON field is disqualified. Take cranky John McCain for example. He called a student a "jerk" for merely having the temerity to ask the longtime public official about his fitness to lead the nation. It appears Arizona's junior Senator is a bit too "thin skinned" to be president. Or how about bumbling Fred Thompson. Freddy had to drag applause out of a recent campaign audience. Smacks of desperation. And then there's Willard "Slick" Romeny who insulted average Americans by stating that his five sons don't have to serve in the military because they are serving on his campaign. Talk about irrational.

It's clear as to why republiCON hacks attack Hillary and the rest of the Democratic field, run from the Bush record and fail to talk up their candidates, they know their guys are in trouble. Every stone thrown by a CON at a Democrat illustrates the GOP's fear and confirms the Democratic nominee will be the one to beat next year.

Keep slinging CONS!

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