Monday, October 22, 2007

Fuzzy Economic Math, Con Style!

On Chris Matthew's show over the weekend, Washington Post reporter Kathleen Parker blames Democratic state leadership for the downturn in the economy. To support her statement, Kathleen notes the average U.S. unemployment rate is 4 percent (its actually roughly 4.4) and points to Michigan's high unemployment rate (7.4) as evidence that Democrats are to blame for our bad economic state. Putting aside the fact that the manufacturing industry has laid off thousands in Michigan, it's funny Kathleen doesn't mention that five of the seven states with the worst unemployment are run by republiCONS. Further, in those states that have worse unemployment rates than the national average, Democratic states run 5.1% unemployment while CON states are over 5.7%. It would appear CON management of state economies is worse than their Democrat counterparts. Odd Kathleen didn't mention this.

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