Monday, November 5, 2007

Red States Running Purple

The news for the republiCONS just keeps going from bad to grim. Besides what appears to be the daily revelations regarding GOP closeted homosexual activity, the retirement of another prominent CON, or the stepping down of an advisor with a criminal past, we find this gem. It seems trends in several Senate races are breaking for the Democrats. In fact, Democrats are leading or tied in 5 of 7 Senate races currently held by CONS.

This is bad for the GOP on a several fronts. First, the Senate is evenly split with 49 Democrats and 49 CONS. The two Democrat leaning independents tip the balance to the left. If the Democrats take five of the current CON seats, they will open up a ten vote majority, bringing them ever closer to a filibuster proof number. In fact, winning just a couple of these seats would have the added bonus of eliminating Joe Lieberman's power as a swing vote.

Yet, more importantly Democratic Senate candidates are polling very well in traditional red states like Virginia, New Mexico and Colorado. This has got to be a source of GOP nightmares. A Democrat will likely be in the White House come January 2009, if he/she wins just two of these states and holds the others Kerry got in 2004.

A Democrat in the White House, with a ten vote majority in the Senate, and who knows how many seats in the House, the country is looking a darker shade of purple every day.

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