Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Romney: Don't put up [virtual] walls around America. Real ones are fine, however.

Slick Mitt Romney is at it again. Just yesterday Slick was in the Pacific Northwest talking the benefits of free trade. Specifically, Slick stated trade barriers hurt the country. "Don't put up walls around America," he begged.

This is odd since during a trip to Southern California this last summer, Slick held a news conference on immigration just a stones throw from the nation's southern border fence. According to the online version of the San Diego Union Tribune, Romney didn't call for tearing down this wall. Wonder why?

So, Slick opposes virtual walls around America because of their supposed negative impact upon the economy, but supports real ones with known damaging impacts to the environment, wildlife and the economy. Sounds like typical republiCON double speak.

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