Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fake News: We Distort so You Don't Decide

Recently on Fake News (we only watch it on the You Tube), an anchor pushed a poll that reportedly showed John McCain beating the Democrats by between 9 to 17 points.

Wow! Stop the presses!

Why hasn't the mainstream media jumped all over this?

Well, probably because aaaaah. . . . it's not true.

You see in the Fake News poll, the republiCON voter has only Johnnie boy to choose from, thus the 35 percent. Yet, the Democrat vote is apparently split between Obama and Hillary.

Eventually one of the Democratic candidates will be eliminated, a la American Idol.

Anyway, assuming most good Democrats vote for the party nominee, the Democratic candidate actually pulls 44 percent of the vote in the Fake News poll.

So, the CONservatives at Fake News with a wave of their magic wand turned John's deficit into a lead.

Pretty impressive.

Maybe they will next turn their transformative power toward these troubling numbers.

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