Friday, April 25, 2008

Note from Scalia: Get Over it!

In a wide ranging interview to be aired this weekend on 60 Minutes, Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia defends his decision in the 2000 case Bush vs. Gore which effectively anointed George Bush as president. Scalia's answer to people who express continued concern over the wisdom of this decision: "Get over it. It's so old by now."


One wonders if Scalia would have the nads to tell the victims of Hurricane Katrina to get over his decision. A decision that led directly to significant loss of life across the gulf coast. Or how about telling it to the thousands of families who've sacrificed love ones in the president's misguided war.

In the end, why does Scalia care if the American public gets over his decision? Could it be continued questioning of the righteousness of Bush vs. Gore nags at his conscience? Unfortunately, that assumes he has one.

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