Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush Legacy? Barack Obama!

President Bush isn't even out of the White House yet and the rewritting of history is already in full swing. Take this pap from Tara Wall deputy editor of the Washington Times and Bush apologist. It seems Tara believes the rejection of Bush and all things RepubliCON these past several months is just whining of a few crazy liberals. Funny the "crazy liberal" demographic now makes up 65 percent of the country.

The "crazy liberal" demographic aside, Tara quotes Secretary Rice who believes Bush's Presidency will be vindicated by history. Secretary Rice points to the President's keeping the homeland safe. In fact, President Bush himself summed up his adminstration thus, "President Bush was the president at a time when our nation was attacked, he clearly saw the dangers, he pursued the enemy, he put tools in place so the professionals could better protect the people, and the homeland was not attacked." However, the President is asking the American public to forget that he clearly didn't see or didn't care about the pending threat posed by Al Queda prior to 9/11!

It's also interesting that Rice, Wall and Bush's definition of safe is limited to preventing a repeat attack. However, the Bush administration's action facilitated the worst economic crisis since the great depression, sunk the nation into an unnecessary quagmire war, worsened the Katrina disaster and on and on and on. These actions have hardly made the nation "safer." In fact, it could be argued the country is in its worst position since the Civil War.

In the long run, Bush might get credit for creating the conditions that made the election of Barack Obama possible. A small silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud of a presidency. Good on you Bush!


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