Sunday, January 4, 2009

TPP 2009 Predictions

Pat Robertson is making his annual predictions. I guess he has forgotten about the Bible's admonition against sooth saying and fortune telling.

However following Rev. Robertson lead and risking eternal damnation here are The Progressive Posts 2009 predictions:
  1. RepubliCONS will strongly profess new faith in bi-partisan congressional action.
  2. Despite their new faith in cooperation, CONS will obstruct (filibuster) many significant and needed bills throughout the year.
  3. CONS will unceasingly question/undermine President Obama's policy in Iraq, Afghanistan in particular and the war on Terror in general. Least we forget, during the Bush administration this questioning of war aims was called treasonous unAmerican behavior.
  4. CONS will push little more than union busting and tax cuts for the rich as "solutions" to the current economic crisis.
  5. The RepubliCON party will continue to wallow throughout the year without real national leadership.
  6. Despite an ongoing leadership vacuum, the CON base's love affair with Sarah Palin will sour.
  7. Lacking a positive foreign policy vision, CONS will try to turn a minor international event into a major foreign policy crisis for the Obama administration.
  8. The current Blogo scandal will have been forgotten long before this time next year.
  9. Cons will scream that Roland Burris (a person who has been appointed) should be seated in the Senate, while opposing Al Franken's (a person elected to the chamber) joining the upper House.
  10. Most of Pat Robertson's 2009 predictions will not come to pass.

Looking forward to the New Year!

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