Monday, February 12, 2007

Democratic Sizzle, Republican Fizzle!

With the announcement over the weekend of Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for the President, the Democratic field now appears set. What a field it is! Any one of the top three candidates (Clinton, Edwards, or Obama) would make a far better President than our current leader. Buzz surrounding the Democratic field has never been higher. See here, here, and here.

Compare that to the republicans' current slate of candidates. All have significant PR problems. The flip flopping duo of John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani are falling all over themselves to attract the extreme right vote. Good luck John and Rudolph playing the republican base for dupes. Meanwhile Willard "slick" Mitt Romney appears to have fallen off the radar screen, and finds it hard to convince party faithfuls he's their guy. As such, a lack excitement surrounding the republican field has them infighting to attract attention.

Bring on the campaign!

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