Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Romney's Blind Spot

Willard "Slick" Mitt Romney made it official, he's running for President. His campaign centers on transforming a broken system in Washington DC. In his announcement address, Mr. Romney put it bluntly "We have lost faith in government." Lucky for us he's riding to the rescue.

While Mr. Romney's speech was long on a vision of "innovation and transformation" to magically restore lost faith, his vision contains a significant blind spot. Mainly, he failed to identify even a single factor contributing to our nation's current state. Can Mr. Romney restore a nation's faith, if he doesn't see the reason for its loss?

How can it be Mr. Romney can't see the source of the problem? Perhaps its because he doesn't want to recognize the fact that for past six years the republican party, his party, has exercised nearly unlimited control of the country's executive, judicial, and legislative powers. What has America gotten from republican leadership? In Mr. Romney's words, a government "clogged with petty politics and stuffed with peddlers of influence."

In his announcement, Mr. Romney identifies the types of people (Washington insiders, non-governors, non-business owners) that are incapable of turning the situation around. He may want to add one more category to the list: member of the republican party.

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