Monday, February 19, 2007

From GOP Reject to Presidential Candidate?

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, recently appeared on Fox News Sunday. During the interview, Chris Wallace asked Mr. Gingrich about a possible presidential run. Unfortunately, for Mr. Gingrich a new Fox poll found that more than 60% of the country will not vote for the former speaker. When asked about these high negatives, Mr. Gingrich blamed bad press and what he cryptically termed "some mistakes" during his time as speaker. By mistakes could he be referring to his disastrous decision to shut down the federal government in a pissing match with President Clinton? Or perhaps he means his ethics scandals or personal failures?

Regardless of whatever "mistakes" Mr. Gingrich is referring to, the Republican party forced him out of his leadership position after his handling of the misguided Clinton Impeachment, which ultimately led to Republican losses in the 1998 midterm elections.

Mr. Gingrich is dreaming if he thinks the country has forgotten his dismal House leadership. As such, any Gingrich presidential run would have to answer the following: if he wasn't good enough to lead his own party, why should Americans trust him to lead the country?

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Mark said...

Perhaps he'll choose Denny Hastert as his running mate!