Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain's Last Mission: Operation Frivolous Lawsuit

The final Presidential debate is over and according to American public, Obama scores the hat trick. Three for three. McCain did his best to shore up the republiCON base making reference to Bill Ayers. In the end however, Obama put it best when he said that bringing up Ayers says more about the McCain campaign (desperate) than it does about Obama.

However, of more interest was Senator McCain's railing against ACORN. In a nutshell, republiCONS have their underwear in a bunch over supposed voter irregularities connected to ACORN voter registration efforts. Never mind that ACORN is reporting these irregularities to the authorities for investigation, McCain's "final solution" is coming clear. They can't win on the issues, or convince the public therefore the seeds are being planted for a whole scale legal challenge of the validity of any Obama victory.

Holy frivolous lawsuit Batman! Wonder how he will square it with his public opposition to other supposed bogus legal action?

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