Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Straight Talk Express' moral compass points to Bill Ayers

Well it looks like the moral compass has been lost for the McCain straight talk express. Back in 2000, McCain was the victim of the Bush robo calls that inferred that he was the father of an illegitimate black child. McCain called these "hate calls" and vowed to never use such tactics.

Fast forward to 2008, McCain is behind in his White House run and as such has broken his promise to forgo robo calls.

Here is the text of the type of call McCain is currently running:

"You need to know Barack Obama has worked closely with Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the pentagon, a judge's home and killed Americans."

On Fox News, John McCain defended these calls stating they are accurate. On that point, McCain is right. Barack Obama has worked with Bill Ayers. Obama severed on an anti-poverty committee with the Mr. Ayers, along with several other prominent Chicago citizens. It is also true that Bill Ayers bombed the U.S. Capitol, the pentagon, a judge's home and killed Americans. What it is not true is that Barack Obama helped Bill Ayers with those bombings.

However, the McCain ad leaves that impression.

That would be like saying:

"You need to know that during the height of the Vietnam war John McCain was in close contact with the North Vietnamese, enemy communists who fought U.S. armed forces, bombed our bases and killed Americans."

This statement is also technically correct. Was John McCain in close contact with North Vietnam during the war? Yes. Did North Vietnam fight U.S. armed forces, bomb our bases and kill Americans? Yes. Yet here is the important question, did John McCain support and aid the North Vietnamese war efforts. Absolutely not. However, someone ignorant of Senator McCain's record as a prisoner of war might draw a different conclusion.

Here's hoping McCain soon finds his compass, otherwise it looks like the express will remain in the ditch for the rest of the campaign.

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